Other Services


Dr Sowmya Krishna also enjoys teaching and training and was Honorary Clinical Lecturer at the University of Liverpool. She has taught medical students, trainees in psychiatry and nurses.


She is part of the Global Mental Health Assessment Tool (GMHAT) steering committee. GMHAT is a validated computerized mental health assessment tool developed by Professor Vimal Sharma, Professor of International Health Development, University of Chester, and Professor John Copeland for clinicians to assess mental disorders. She has been part of the validation studies of GMHAT. This tool was developed to help clinicians and non clinicians in mental health assessment of patients.

There are two versions of the same – one primary care version and a secondary care version. Both versions of the tool have been validated. The tool is available in different languages (Spanish, Arabic, English, and Hindi).

For details about GMHAT, please see GMHAT (www.gmhat.org)

She is the principal trainer for use of GMHAT for India and has delivered GMHAT training to the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Good Governance and Policy Analysis, Madhya Pradesh (this is for the use of GMHAT in an epidemiological study).


The Association for the Mentally Challenged, Bangalore - Dr Sowmya Krishna has been part of the managing committee of this NGO since January 2018. She is involved in training and research aspect of the NGO – to develop tools to train carers/other professionals. For details of this organization, please see AMC (www.amcin.org)

Hank Nunn Institute, Personality Disorder Service, Bangalore - Hank Nunn Institute is a non profit organization that works with individuals who have complex mental health needs like personality issues and chronic mental disorders. She is part of the senior management team and has set up policies and procedures for the organization besides providing clinical support to the team.

For details of this organization, please see Hank Nunn Institute (www.hanknunninstitute.com/)